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Vietnam - Australia - Singapore - Thailand

The idea came spontangeously. The only reason were a pretty cheap flight tickets... Just away  and why not. A year before.

It was five of us. After Vietnam just four. Just not because someone didn't make it but he traveled a lot before.

x5 kopie.jpg

Motorbikes, motorbikes, scooters, motorbikes = Vietnam. We had them too and unknowingly drove around floating north. Just beacuse of summer monsoon. Floating houses ≠ houseboats. We overnighted in hostels, taught students in language school, fixed mtorbikes, tained with locals, fixed motorbikes, sit on their small plastic chairs in a 'restaurans'', fixed bikes, cockrouches, Pho Bo, buffalos, endless curvy roads, exhaustion, insect and bamboo shots, humidity and heat, crazy rain storms, fixed motorbikes, different fruits and endless green... as in city as in nature.

In Australia we get to know its cold season. I went surfing on Bondi beach and it definitely wasnt worth it. Even in neoprene. The panorama view to the beach from friend's balcony was stunning even more when he told a whales or something are jumping over ocean horizont in their summer... In contract, it was really warm in Blue mountains but not that moist as in Vietnam. Panorama was opening to us from a corridor of river we were walking through. Unforgettable moments when we made it at the end of steep waterfall and a few colorful parrots were circling above us. In compare the Opera was nothning.

DSC03467 kopie.jpg
DSC01554 kopie.jpg

On sight from iconic building Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. There was a river which passed our straight line. It became usefull in that warm humidity until a few of local fluffy heads frightened us - otters. Then there were unbelievable artificial and unartificial trees in park seemed like from Avatar film. Just didnt reacht on touch. Sleeping on an abandoned balcony wasnt as good as as previous thing but it belongs to low cost traveling. Following days were pretty similar, however, local athletes showed us a local spots, a nice Singapores day celebration and an event or parkour competiton which took place at a stadium where was a really chilly aquapark.

x8 kopie.jpg

As soon as we flew to Bangkok, we flew somewhere else ... to the island Phi Phi. A touristy but beautiful archipelago that will teach you to love or hate monkeys.

x7 kopie.jpg

At the time of the stopover in Kuala Lumpur, we reached a top of a skyscraper straight next to the famous Petronas Twin Towers.

x6 kopie.jpg


Create content in New York?

The main purpose of this "trip" was to photograph and shoot new collections of Carrera, Tommy Hilfiger and Fendi glasses for Fokus Optik.


I must say that in such a city there were at least countless options for where to go.

Central park, Flatiron, Rockefeller, Grand Central terminal, Empire state, Statue of Liberty, Public library, Times square, Broadway, Dumbo, Brooklyn

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Edit on the roadtrip

In 2019, I had the opportunity to travel to several US states in one road trip. The goal was to create promotional content on social networks for Cashwarriors.


We started in LA, then San Francisco, Yosemity, Death Valley, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Phoenix and finally Dallas.

_DSC2425 kopie-2.jpg
_DSC2255 kopie-4.jpg

So what does editing photos and videos look like in the time pressure of such a roadtrip? It is about a small preparation and a good schedule of the day. Ideal prep is when you have some presets or LUTs ready, which only need a little modify. Then check out some locations and music, have a hard drive for continuous data backup and faster computer operation. Video editing on most laptops is not the best solution, but sometimes there is no other possibility. Small screen, slower previews, touchepad, no numeric keypad, overheating. Likewise, the camera can suffer a lot in similar places - grains of sand, salinity of the sea, high temperature (e.g. Death valley overheated in 5min)

Editing some visuals is more difficult with fatigue, even when you edit at night or in the car. I do not recommend editing in car - I have lost a few pixels on the screen as we drove along the bumpy road.

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